Preventing redirect loops with Adobe Target

This is a quick tip for Adobe Target users when creating redirect tests/offers. It's possible (as I discovered) that one day you need to redirect to the same page you have an A/B test running. An example could be, adding parameters to your Control URL which is then used by another data capture system. Redirecting to the same URL becomes a problem as you end up in a redirect loop *unless* you kill the mbox on the redirect. I've been aware of the mBoxDisable=1 URL debugging parameter and found it useful for developers that don't want to be part A/B tests while working in staging, but it can also be useful if you want to prevent a redirect loop, here's what it looks like:

It's worth noting that although we're making a call to disable the mbox it doesn't impact reporting, so the redirected user with a disabled mbox is still part of the test and reported on. And that's it. Maybe you find this useful, maybe not!